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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After a month of enforced self quarantine, I'd had it. I felt my mental health slipping away from me, and irritability began seeping through the tight grip on my emotional vault.

Nature has always been my secret oasis. When the walls of the world feel too close, I know that's my que to reconnect. My soul receives so much nourishment from sitting with the wind, chatting with the birds, and swatting off mosquitoes. Ah, the sweet serenity of mother earth.

The fear of, "stay home, stay safe" has a lot of people on edge. With a looming deadly virus on the loose, a crumbling economy, and an incompetent President, we're all feeling the fires of frustration - as our natural freedom to move about as we choose is abruptly snatched away.

Emotional Turmoil

My heart sank, as I read the latest update: 22 million Americans out of work. All of this in 30 days. The uncertainty of a once planned out future suddenly feels unobtainable. The doubt and despair of living my version of "The American Dream" seemingly escapes my fingertips, as the leaders of this country continue their petty quarrels over who's to blame for the worldwide pandemic we find ourselves in the midst of.

What now? How do I move forward with my goals, if everything is so uncertain? I too, as a writer and artist am out of work. And, to add further insult to injury, my business development has come to a screeching halt.

A Healing Balm

My health studies over the past 15 years have always lead me to the same conclusion: you need good nutrition, sun, and exercise to maintain a healthy life - among a few other factors, such as healthy relationships and a toxin free environment. Off to my secret hiding place to make sense of the confusion mainstream media has pumped into our heads.

As I pulled up looking at the picturesque city view, I immediately knew I made the right choice. I've always been a rebel with a cause.

Meet Me At The Crossroads

My hike began with a strikingly eerie choice. I was met with a crossroad. Which way shall I choose? I stood there staring at each dirt road for a moment, contemplating on which is the right direction. As usual, I went with my intuition. To the left I proceeded.

As I wobbly trekked uphill, I was greeted with "good mornings" and "isn't it a beautiful day?" yet ensuring to keep my six foot distance - as instructed. The friendly smiles of strangers felt so refreshing. The grasp for air in my lungs informed me that I've been indulging a bit too much in quarantine snacks, and cardiovascular training and endurance is waiting for me in the upcoming weeks. Suddenly, I wasn't afraid anymore. Not one single person had on a mask, and I felt no shame for forgetting to bring mine.

A Breath of Life

One of my favorite quotes suggests, "Silence is the voice of God. All else is poor translation" - Rumi

I almost forgot what nature sounded like. My mind sounded like a t.v. infomercial - loud and repetitive. The sounds of numbers flipping, finger pointing of productivity, and join my zoom call have plagued my mind for over a month.

Finally, everyone has shut the fuck up. Or rather, I've removed myself from everyone blabbing their first amendment right. The joyful silence of nature soothed my entire body like that high you receive from a neatly rolled herbal essence.

There is one meme I agree with: outside ain't canceled. While it's important to keep up good hygiene and social distancing, we are absolutely free to enjoy nature's free gifts.

With each step, I reconnected with solid earth ground. Humans were not made to stay indoors. Our connection to mother earth is as deep as a mother and child. Our earth revitalizes the human energetic bio field, as does the food that grows from it.

Let it Flow

A few sweat beads, and brief rest stops later, I reached a mountain of rocks. The fear of progression seeped into the tiny cracks of my blocked sacral chakra. There could be a snake, or some other species looking for fresh blood. Abort mission!

I pushed through my uncertainty, as my lioness nature would have me - carefully evaluating each step as I approached a new mountain. I stopped. The sound of freshness caught my attention. A faint music of trickles caressed my spirit, as I realized, I've come to a creek - that was hiding behind this big boulder of rocks!

My insides danced with joy as the ancestors whispered in the wind: where there is water, there is life. A profound calmness blanketed my soul, as I scurried myself back to the open space, away from the possibility of rocks falling and knocking me out.

As I watched the creek from afar, a subtle reminder flashed before my eyes. Let it all flow. The fear, the anger, the emotions. It's amazing that even with a boulder of sky high rocks, life still manages to flow effortlessly around, and through the tiny cracks.

Had I given into my fear, I would've never experienced that moment in time. Had I not chosen this path, who knows what treasure I would have found on that other road. But, that doesn't matter. The only thing that mattered was, taking in this metaphor for life, in this moment, right now.

Uncertainty and fear are common human emotions. We can acknowledge them, accept them, and embrace them. But, we don't have to succumb to them. They don't have to rule us, if we are curious enough to take brave, small steps towards that boulder on the other side. After all, the beauty of life can be found in the unlikelyiest places.

To see more pics of my hike, follow me on IG: @afroholisticc

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