How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

How do you prioritize pleasure?

When is the last time you actually slowed down to taste your food? To feel the softness of your clothing on your skin? The smell of your bath oils and lotions? The sight of your body - its curves and crevices' (without judgement)?

In other words, how present are you?

The fall season awards us the opportunity to slow down and tune in. Feminine energy is described as ease, allowing, creative, kindness, and nurturing.

As a society that's constantly moving and hustling, it's essential for us to take time to settle into our feminine energy. Balance is the key.

Masculine energy is described as logical, focused, assertion, strength, and courage. You know, gettin' the bag. This is the epitome of "hustle culture".

Here are a few ways to tap into your feminine energy.

  1. Meditation. Being present helps you connect with your surroundings and inner self. Doing a meditative body scan helps to ground your energy, open your root chakra and helps you to feel more grounded. For a guided meditative body scan, listen here.

  2. Take time preparing your meals. A few years ago when I lived in California, I visited a Buddhist temple where we practiced mediation for 6 hours. Yes, six. It was the most intentional exercise I've ever been a part of. We were instructed to take our time cooking, preparing, and eating our meal. It forced us to slow down our nervous system and be in the here and now. I gained a new appreciation for how food is so nourishing, and how far it came to land right there on my plate. Gratitude is the vibe.

  3. Awaken the heart chakra. We don't have to wait til the holidays to feel love and cheer. What activities bring you joy? What excites your heart? Tapping into your inner joy helps you radiate warmth and ease, which allows you to be in flow with life. Whatever that is for you, do more of that.

  4. Take time for pleasure. Pleasure takes many forms. You can experience pleasure through sight, touch, smell, taste, sound. Does your home evoke pleasure? Do you adorn yourself with soft fabric, beautiful jewelry, or essential oils? Give yourself a moment to enjoy something pleasurable. Sensual movement practices such as stretching and yoga are perfect ways to help you tap into your pleasure and sensual body.

  5. Create or surround yourself with art. Feminine energy expresses itself through beauty and creativity. Pick yourself up a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Paint, or decorate your home with some new art pieces, or visit an art museum. Surround yourself with beauty and you'll be reminded of the feminine essence that lives and breathes through you.

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