5 Tips to Start a Workout Routine

Looking for motivation to get stared on your wellness journey? This is for you. Keep reading below.

Just get started.

You know the feeling; that innate burning desire to begin something new. The deep knowing that you're tired of the same old, same old. But somehow, you manage to talk yourself out of it (the thing you say you desire) by making excuses why you can't find the time, or why you don't have enough money, etc. etc. I've been there. Still struggle with it at times. But there's something to that Nike slogan "Just do it". Yes, it may be out of your comfort zone. Or, you may not know where to begin. But, if you just START - I assure you, the path will become clear. I hear too many women say they want to lose weight, or start a workout program, or want to live a healthier lifestyle, but end up not following through because of some excuse they've told themselves. We're done with that. No more excuses. We're going to just start. Begin with 10 minutes of jumping jacks if you will. But, for the love of your body - just START.

Hydrate and eat well.

You already know that eating healthy and drinking your water leads to good health. We've all been told to eat our vegetables. We see the social media posts that tell us to drink more water. But why? Well, because your body can't function at it's full compacity without it. The first sign of "hunger" is dehydration. Our bodies are smart, and they tell us when we need to pay attention to them. It's just a matter of listening. That headache? It's mostly dehydration. Or, stress - which means your body's nervous system is in overdrive - which also means you're probably dehydrated. Drink. More. Water.

In addition to proper hydration - your body needs nutrients to keep your energy levels stable. Think of your body as a car. Without gas, the proper fluids and parts, it doesn't run well. Our body operates the same. Without a balanced diet of healthy fats, carbs, protein, fiber and (healthy) sugars, you won't have the energy to get normal tasks completed, let alone have enough energy reserves for the kind of workout your body needs. Eating a well balanced diet is your energy source, not caffeine.

Focus on your body, not your weight.

Up until recently, I got so down on myself for gaining weight through most of 2020 - 2021. Living through a world-wide pandemic caused a lot of stress and emotional eating for almost everyone. For the first time in years, I stepped on a scale only to be shocked that I weighed 160lbs! The heaviest I've ever been. I immediately began shaming myself and my body - which led me down a rabbit hole of self-criticism and depression. After my pity-party, I decided to focus on how strong my body actually was for carrying me through 38 years of life, a pandemic, the most difficult times of stress and distraught - and then something wonderful happened. I became in awe at this marvelous vessel I've been gifted with. I practiced loving my body for all it does without a thought. All I have to do it give it the fuel it needs, and it takes care of the rest. Focus on how you feel inside of your body, rather than it's appearance. I know, easier said than done. We're all a work in progress.

Don't overdo it.

This ties in with the point above. When we notice a little weight gain, or perhaps you've been wanting to lose weight for quite some time and don't see any changes, we begin to over work our bodies, thinking that's how we lose those unwanted pounds. WRONG. Over working out only confuses your body and adds extra stress. This causes extreme muscle fatigue and can make you more prone to injury. It's important to incorporate rest days, and stretching into your workout routine to give your muscles a chance to restore, and recover from your previous workout. The key is, to listen to your body.

Challenge yourself.

Most people quit their workout routines because they're bored or hit a wall. If you're doing the exact same workout day after your day, your muscle memory becomes stagnant, and no new fibers are able to form. Our bodies work best when they're challenged. And, when you incorporate a mix of different workouts, they're more fun and interesting for you! Challenge yourself by trying new things. Just remember to not over do it, and listen to your body.

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