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As a Personal Development Coach, Pilates & yoga instructor, and health educator - I guide my clients and students on a journey of self-discovery helping them reach their personal wellness goals. I'm multi-passionate, and it's my mission to share my extensive knowledge in the areas of mind-body connection, psychology, spirituality, and holistic wellness to coach my clients in building a life of overall wellness and fulfilment. 

My background in dance, human behavior, and counseling give me the skills and knowledge in identifying the road blocks we as humans face in living a healthy and fulfilled life. Through mindful movement, and intentional living, we can access the tools we already have in order to reach our full potential. Now is the time to reclaim your power.

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If you're a corporation, brand or business looking to incorporate more wellness into your culture, I am available to teach fitness classes, workshops, speak on panels both in person and online. To work with me or request my pricing package, please contact me for further details. I look forward to working with you!

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