About Me

Born and raised in the Southwestern region of the world, my love for nature and spicy cuisine adds a little heat to my laid back personality.

My affinity for performing arts led me to pursue teaching lyrical and modern dance, which I thoroughly enjoyed for four years as a Creative Arts Director for a non-profit organization from 2003 - 2007. My biggest influences came from strong, brilliant, creative Black women, such as Debbie Allen, Josephine Baker, and Pearl Primus. 

After a 12 year hiatus, and being diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2009, I have returned to the art of dance - with a renewed passion and purpose, as a Pilates Dance Instructor and Wellness Coach. My mission is simple: Inspire Black women to explore and exemplify their natural, sensual, extraordinary selves. As the author of The Art of Self-care blog and newsletter, I share the struggles we face as Black women with self-care and managing our well-being.


I forever remain in awe of our beauty as women, and my creative work in dance, writing, and podcasting are dedicated to Black women - to uplift, inspire, and motivate, to create your most joyous and fulfilling life.