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The Divine Goddess Membership

In the Goddess realm, we intimately explore our inner worlds through astrology & tarot readings. What parts of yourself need more attention? How well are you truly loving and caring for yourself? Let's dive in, and awaken the Queen within.

  • Astrology & Tarot

    Every month
    A star map for your personal growth.
    • Monthly Live full & new moon readings
    • Weekly general horoscopes
    • Daily tarot readings
    • Daily affirmations & insights
    • Access to The Goddess Realm Group
    • Unlimited access to live sessions (pre-recorded)
    • 30% discount on personal tarot readings

Every woman deserves to feel like her most sensual, confident, feminine self.

Lea LaRae, CEO

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The Feminine Beauty Shop

Skin is the largest organ on our body. Our hand crafted nourishing liquid gold is infused with organic Jojoba, sweet almond, and grape seed oil, and divinely scented with sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon and other essential oils.

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Work With Me

Body Soul Well takes a holistic approach to mind, body wellness. As your feminine wellness coach, I guide you through rediscovering yourself, so that you can reconnect intimately within, and reawaken your femininity - becoming the best version of yourself.

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Tarot & Energy Readings

As a self-care and spiritual practice, tarot readings can awaken your subconscious habits and help you connect with your heart to bring you into present awareness. Energy clearing helps to remove blockages in the body so that vibrant healing energy may improve overall wellness.


Body sculpting and toning.