Black Woman \ `blak wum'en\

Scientific: mother of civilization; one from whom all life come forth. One who subscribes and practices thoughts and deeds which promote unity among people of color.


Welcome, Queen!

I'm so glad you're here.Through this specially curated healing space for women of color, you can expect to learn a holistic approach to embracing your natural beauty, living a life of wellness, and cultivating more self-love. We will heal and return to our highest vibration, as we're reminded of our innate power to transform ourselves, and our lives. My mission is simple: To elevate and uplift Black women through womanism, sensuality, and positive self-image. You are welcome at my table. 

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Work with me

Live Sensually

I am a certified Pilates dance instructor, who specializes in mind-body awareness through mindful and sensual movement. Together, we will explore how mind, breath, and movement are connected as we tap into the bodies healing wisdom with invigorating Pilates based dance movements that strengthen the whole body, dissolves tension, increases energy flow, and liberates you to indulge in your feminine essence and connect intimately with your body. 

Tea Time

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